Lufthansa Group

With one of the world’s largest fleets and a network of subsidiaries including Germany’s national airline, Lufthansa Group is a bastion of the aviation industry. To keep the mighty operation running, seamless processes are key.
The challenge
Lufthansa Group approached us to help them scale ProX, a new set of process management tools to be adopted by all 135,000 of their employees.
To make the new methodology stick, simply explaining wouldn’t be enough. We had to make every employee experience it on a personal level. Start individually in order to scale globally.
  • training
  • strategy
  • UX design
  • facilitation
  • visual design
  • moderation
The impact
Working together with Lufthansa’s ProX team, we developed a gamification-based training event based on the narrative metaphor of a family-owned pizzeria.

Over two days, participants were challenged to improve the restaurant’s process and scale their learnings with the ProX system while working in small, facilitator-led groups.
PEAK designed every element of the experiential event, along with tools for the ProX team to evaluate the success of every future workshop, continually improving it for the future.

Cultural change begins on an individual level. After experiencing the ProX flow hands on, every participant returns to the workplace as a multiplier to build a more process-oriented organization.
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