PREMIUM is much more than a trade show: It’s an innovative business platform for contemporary fashion, and has been a pioneering force in establishing Berlin as a fashion city. 
The challenge
Two times a year, during Berlin Fashion Week, PREMIUM draws more than 60,000 visitors to the STATION-Berlin venue. Spread across 8 halls and 23,000 square meters of floor space, navigating the fair’s wealth of exhibits is a challenge.
PREMIUM asked us to develop a functional yet stylish wayfinding system to boost the visitor experience. The solution would draw upon our extensive experience in UX design.
  • UX design
  • consulting
  • branding
The impact
After intensive research and immersion into the journey of a PREMIUM visitor, we came up with an intuitive, color-coded wayfinding system that was applied throughout all areas of the venue as well as on printed maps. 
Bold, eye-catching navigation lines on the floor and color-block signage kept things flowing at known friction points.

The result: a smoother visitor experience and improved foot traffic flow to all areas of the exhibition.
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