Ideas worth spreading. With that three-word mission, the TED conference has been educating, entertaining and inspiring people around the world for more than three decades.
The challenge
As anyone who’s ever watched a TED talk knows, the best speakers are clear and concise, touching and inspiring. In short: The bar is set very high.  
Knowing this, the organizer of Germany’s local TEDx events enlisted PEAK to prepare each of its speakers for the stage with coaching, presentation design and more.
  • speaker coaching
  • presentation consulting
  • visual design
The impact
From 2009 to 2014, PEAK provided one-on-one coaching to speakers at TEDx conferences in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Over several sessions, we worked together to hone their talks to one cohesive story and refine the narrative. With our help, they rehearsed their delivery until they were cool and confident.
The audience impact of this coaching was clear and palpable – not only on the day of the event, but in the weeks and months to follow, with videos of many talks becoming viral hits. 
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