Once a year, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs gather in Zürich with one shared aim: to empower radical change. That’s what the WorldWebForum, once called “the Coachella of business”, is all about.  
The challenge
When it initiated the WorldWebForum, Swiss software company Beecom had a grand vision as well as a global network at its disposal. 
We helped them transform that vision into a visionary event that is a highlight on the world’s calendar. 
  • consulting
  • moderation & hosting
  • experience design
The impact
We worked with the Forum founders to solidify their vision into an inspiring narrative: Much more than just a conference, the WorldWebForum is an ignitor of radical change.

Under our guidance, the event evolved into a sophisticated, cinematic experience as entertaining as it is inspiring.
In addition, PEAK founder Ole Tillmann continues to host the WorldWebForum every year, introducing headliners and keynote speakers such as Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man Foundations, and Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull.
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