Bringing a brand to life

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As a young startup, Myo joined the Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator, just having a business idea on mind. When first working with the two founders on their pitch, PEAK also jumped in when it came to designing and developing the company story.


Throughout the project, PEAK conducted several sessions with the team coming up with a strong brand personality fitting the exact needs of both the startup and the industry they want to address, a Corporate Identity and a storyline for the final investor presentation.

Myo is a Berlin-based startup, providing elderly homes with a digital messaging service that improves the communication between nursing homes and relatives. When founding a company with an innovative idea, it comes to so many decisions the founders have to take. PEAK was approached by Myo in taking first steps design wise.

With creative workshop formats, PEAK helped the founders creating a unique brand personality - suitable both for the traditional caring industry including elements of the innovative approach Myo takes. After defining this, PEAK created based on the results the logo and the Corporate Identity.

By accompanying the startup throughout the time at Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator, we also prepared Myo for the big stage of the demo day - bringing the design and storyline into a compelling pitch presentation.

Project Review
Live on stage during Demo Day
The Myo founders together with Ole Tillmann at the Demo Day at Axel Springer Journalistenclub
Workshopping at the PEAK Headquater together with the founders of Myo