WorkshopMerck Group

WorkshopMerck Group

Crafting stories for a tech and science giant

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Merck is a science and tech company focussing on healthcare, life science and performance materials. As the need grows to create compelling and vivid stories in the context of a complex environment, Merck employees wanted to train their presentation skills.


To help the employees spreading their great work, PEAK developed a unique training on Storytelling and Storyboarding in order to have a first MVP (minimum viable presentation) ready after just one day.

Merck was just being named one of the smartest companies of the world by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For generating the biggest possible benefit of the digitization, Merck installed the in-house department for digital transformation consulting all business relevant teams.

In order to improve presentation skills and to also get the story of the great work that the team does to all relevant stakeholders, internally and externally, PEAK created a one day workshop design with the goal of creating a compelling storyline enriched with strong storytelling elements.  

Project Review
The impressive Merck Innovation Center built for 70 Million Euros