Educating 300 employees in a pitch workshop series 

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In 2016, the energy utility giant RWE subdivided its sustainable energy department into a new company call innogy. During the transition phase, the core team of 300 employees completed a series of innovation workshops. 


PEAK provided a tailor-made, 4-hour pitch training series, challenging the teams to craft an MVP of their idea pitches. What made us really proud: We achieved a Net Promotor Score of 94 percent for our module.

Though it’s a new company in the area of sustainable energy, innogy is a true heavyweight right from the start, with a calculated market capitalization of €17.8 billion. The company focuses on grids, customers and renewables, is largely CO2-free in power generation and uses no nuclear energy sources.

When it comes to such innovative companies, presenting ideas in an understandable way is often a challenge. This is why innogy was focused on teaching their workforce how to communicate new ideas effectively right from the beginning.

PEAK was there to teach the employee teams how to bring their innovative business ideas to the point and convey their message visually.

Project Review Innogy
Great feedback: more than 94 percent of all participants would recommend our training to their colleagues.
At the beginning of each workshop all participants very briefly introduced themselves by sharing their passions