TeachingSchool of Design ThinkingPotsdam

TeachingSchool of Design ThinkingPotsdam

Educating students in Design Thinking

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Potsdam’s School of Design Thinking brought PEAK founder Ole Tillmann on board to shape and strengthen its renowned curriculum, the only program of its kind in Germany.  


Ole worked closely with the school’s 140 students, providing hands-on project supervision and individualized coaching to teach how storytelling can help innovative ideas develop. 

In 2012, PEAK founder Ole Tillmann was appointed as a lecturer at Potsdam’s School of Design Thinking. Every year, the Hasso Plattner Institute offers 140 students the opportunity to complete an academic training program in design thinking, the only program of its kind in Germany. The students learn the method for innovation that has been applied by companies such as Facebook, Google and Starbucks to successfully develop new products and services.

The students begin by getting acquainted with what design thinking is, then deepen this knowledge through hands-on project work. Ole Tillmann oversaw their work throughout the semester, providing structured coaching and supervising their projects. His focus was on the theme of storytelling, which is of central importance in design thinking.

Under the tutelage of Ole and the other HPI mentors, the students learned design thinking methods for developing innovative ideas for better products and services, a skill that will give them a clear edge on the job market.