ConsultingCondé NastMunich

ConsultingCondé NastMunich

Envisioning the future of WIRED Germany

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After 3 years on the market, the premium tech magazine WIRED Germany was due for a fundamental refresher.


To get all internal stakeholders on the same page, from the editorial team, sales and marketing to the PR and IT departments, publisher Condé Nast hired PEAK to conceptualize and kick off the development of a roadmap for the project.

WIRED is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics. The German offshoot, WIRED Germany, has been published by the Munich-based Condé Nast since September 2011. Three years later, in October 2014, WIRED received a complete makeover, now headed by editor-in-chief Nikolaus Röttger.

PEAK served as a consultant to WIRED throughout the whole process: from the first strategy kick-off workshop with all internal stakeholders, research and the development of the event series and its educational concept. In addition, PEAK founder Ole Tillmann hosted the launch press conference as well as the first two conferences in Berlin, “WIRED Mobility” and “WIRED Money.”

Project Review Condé Nast
The Fintech Revolution - with Morten Lund, early stage investor at Skype
The panel on Data-Driven Mobility (left-right): Jens Landvogt (HERE), Sohaila Ouffata (BMW i Ventures), Holger Weiß (Aupeo) and Maxim Nohroudi (ally)
The top-notch speaker lineup included industry experts like Jörn Leogrande (Wirecard), Maximilian Tayenthal (N26) and Peter Smith (Blockchain)
Watch this video to get a glimpse of the mobility event in 2015
Ole Tillmann hosted both conferences for WIRED