TrainingEinhorn Berlin

TrainingEinhorn Berlin

Helping unicorns share their stories

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Einhorn is one of the coolest young companies in Berlin. Always keen to experiment with new ways of working, they wanted to try out new training options for their team. 


We were lucky enough to be the first to work with Einhorn on their expansion in education. We spent a whole day with the team in a fancy venue in Berlin, working on three stories to be presented on the big stage.

Einhorn (German for unicorn) is the first-ever producer of vegan condoms. They take innovation several steps further, in terms of their marketing as well as within their workplace. Set office hours? There aren’t any! Vacation days? Totally flexible. They are constantly experimenting with new ways of getting things done. There is quite possibly no organization more agile than Einhorn. That is why they are frequently asked to speak at conferences—and why PEAK was keen to work with them.

Our workshop together consisted of background info on the theoretical basis of storytelling as well as hands-on activities. By the end, participants had developed three storyboards for TED-style talks on the company, emphasizing how working for Einhorn differs from working anywhere else.

The story of PEAK and Einhorn goes way back: In 2015, Einhorn pitched to potential investors on the live TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen“ – and we prepared them for their big appearance.

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CEO Philip on the fight of all times: Unicorn vs Dinosaur
50% of Einhorn's profits go into social and sustainability projects
Ole explaining the architecture of TED talks and impactful storytelling
Every team shared their first prototype of their storyboard with the other teams