Ongoing communication trainings for a fashion giant

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Zalando is the flagship in fashion e-commerce in Germany. They are keen to invest in their workforce by providing ongoing training and workshops for employees, improving individuals’ skills along with the company’s business overall.


PEAK developed a unique workshop environment for new and existing employees as part of Zalando’s educational program. In these workshops, we work together with the participants on projects relevant to their role in the company.

Zalando is one of Berlin’s showcase startups. The massive e-commerce platform for fashion has more than 12,000 employees globally, across several locations in Berlin alone.

For 1.5 years, PEAK has been part of the company’s educational program, which offers employees a wide range of workshops and training options. We offer coaching and workshops on Agile Presentation Design including different deep dive sessions on body language, storytelling and storyboarding – always focusing on the employees’ projects from their day-to-day work roles and responsibilities.

Project Review Zalando
We provide around 2 workshops a month for groups of up to 16 people
Post-its are and always will be our favorite tool for getting thoughts out on paper ;)