WorkshopCondé NastMunich

WorkshopCondé NastMunich

Prototyping a new magazine in just one day

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Publisher Condé Nast occasionally offers its junior management editors the challenge of creating a whole new magazine from scratch. With the help of PEAK, Condé Nast hosted the kick-off event which brought together 21 people from backgrounds as diverse as finance, editing, photography and art direction. 


We decided to get our hands dirty right away and create a prototype of the final magazine in this first workshop – a tangible outcome that was the first iteration of what became a publication called UNIKAT (German for “one-of-a-kind”).

Condé Nast, renowned publisher of Vogue, AD, GQ and Wired, approached PEAK in 2016 to facilitate their annual add-on magazine created by its junior management team. PEAK was invited to host the kick-off event of the 6-month program.

We took the opportunity to use this kick-off not only to welcome all participants and get the team organized but also get everyone in “doing” mode straight away and create a first prototype. With a mix of hands-on activities and theoretical knowledge, the editors were highly motivated to deep dive into the creative process, distribute team roles, create profiles of their readers and develop initial ideas for content. Some of these ideas even made it into the final version of the magazine, which has been launched as a supplement within GQ, AD and Vogue.

Project Review Condé Nast
Getting into “doing mode” helps prevent “analysis paralysis” and produce tangible outcomes right away
The teams worked on different potential parts of the magazine which we all integrated into the final prototype at the end of the workshop
One of the most important questions to ask in the creative process: Who are we designing for?