DesignPremium ExhibitionsBerlin

DesignPremium ExhibitionsBerlin

Re-designing a way finding system

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Twice a year, 60,000 visitors attend the PREMIUM fashion trade show in the STATION-Berlin exhibition venue. With 8 halls and 23,000 square meters of floor space, orientation is a challenge. PREMIUM approached PEAK to create a functional yet stylish way-finding system.


After intense research and immersion into the journey of a PREMIUM visitor, PEAK developed a color-coding system for the entire STATION-Berlin premises. The colors were installed on both the floor and ceiling of exhibition areas, accompanied by signs at each entrance and exit.

With more than 60,000 visitors, some 1500 collections on show, and approximately 23,000 square meters of exhibition space, the twice-annual PREMIUM is the only trade show in the world to bring together high-caliber brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors at this scale and level of quality.

To address the orientation challenges at the event, PREMIUM Group commissioned PEAK to design a custom way-finding system for the STATION-Berlin venue. Due to its enormous size and individually complex nature of each of the 8 halls, PEAK started by deep-diving into the journeys of several customer types – those looking for a specific stand, for example, or those keen to just wander around.

By creating a dynamic visual language, comprising color-coded halls and a system of signs and guidance applied onto the floors, PEAK made orientation simple and intuitive at PREMIUM.

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