Crafting and delivering a presentation is a true test of anyone’s communication skills. In this intensive workshop, you’ll learn how to build a narrative-driven presentation that moves and inspires.

Skills learned
  • Narrative development
  • Storyboarding
  • Basic visual design
  • Presentation techniques
Course themes
  • Presentation
  • Strategy
  • Design
Group size 4-6
Date Anytime
Duration 3 days
Location Berlin
Price €1999
Deliverable First draft of presentation
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About the workshop

In today's world, the ability to craft strategic narratives is more valuable than ever – no matter what sector you work in. Whether you’re planning to pitch products and ideas to potential customers or stakeholders, or build your brand on a conference stage, presenting your message concisely and convincingly is a vital skill.

In this two-day workshop, we work with you and up to three other participants to develop a concept for a TED-style talk, step by step. Learn the secrets of Agile Presentation Design, our own proven methodology for crafting compelling stories.

As we go, you’ll be able to see your topic or idea take new form and grow into a fully fleshed narrative, its structure captured in the storyboard you create. By the end of the two days, you’ll have a first presentation draft and a new sense of vision and confidence.

Thanks to the small group size, individualized instruction and personalized feedback are ensured. Best of all, in learning by doing, you’ll be gaining a new set of skills you can keep applying again and again. 

Some past participants:

Meet the Facilitator

Meet the Facilitator

Ole Tillmann is a Berlin-based innovation consultant, executive communication coach and professional event host. In 2012 he founded PEAK, an agency specializing in innovation and communication. He ongoingly presents some of the most important conferences