How to Pitch

For startup founders, nothing is more important than the pitch. If you can get others to share in your vision, you’re already halfway to success. In this one-day workshop, we’ll take you from business idea to pitch draft.

Skills learned
  • Drafting your pitch
  • Presentation structure
  • Delivery techniques
Course themes
  • Presentation
  • Strategy
  • Design
Group size 4-6
Date Anytime
Duration Multiple Sessions
Location Cyberspace
Price €849
Deliverable First draft of a business pitch
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About the workshop

For a great business idea to get off the ground, stakeholders must be convinced to get on board. As a startup founder, you need to get others to share your vision – that’s what the investor pitch is for. Because so much is riding on this pitch, we developed a unique workshop precisely to help startup founders develop their message and prepare to present.

In this one-day workshop, we guide you and three other participants through our proven, step-by-step methodology. You’ll start by developing a communication strategy, craft a visual concept to go with it and practice your presentation delivery with our coaching. By the end of the day, you’ll have an MVP (Minimum Viable Pitch) and the skill set to keep optimizing it through further iterations.

Of the hundreds of startups whose pitches we’ve helped craft, many have gone on to secure major funding deals. We continually apply this experience and insight to make this workshop as tuned as possible to the current startup landscape.

Meet the Facilitator

Meet the Facilitator

Ole Tillmann is a Berlin-based innovation consultant, executive communication coach and professional event host. In 2012 he founded PEAK, an agency specializing in innovation and communication. He ongoingly presents some of the most important conferences